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We Fight Any Claim's Simon Chorlton gives the WFAC Team Presentation

On Friday at WFAC major announcements were delivered to staff in an exceptional way.

Different to your average meeting, announcing new business plans, We Fight Any Claim definitely stepped it up a notch to deliver the exciting news to all staff.

At 4pm staff were gathered at the back of the WFAC building where they enjoyed refreshments and a hog roast, the show then began with Managing Director Simon Chorlton arriving in style in the  A-Team  van and ready to announce new changes to the business. After a week of teasers staff were delighted to finally receive the big announcements they had all been waiting for!

Amongst the teasers, characters from The WFAC Team have been appearing around the business all week in the form of a crocodile and some armed forces personnel! As a parody of The A-Team, the famous American action-adventure television series, The WFAC Team had been busy throughout the week producing a parody of the A-Team intro.

We Fight Any Claim during the making of the WFAC team video

During the making of The WFAC Team video.

After the show kicked off, Managing Director of WFAC, Simon Chorlton announced some major changes to the business. Working hours will be reduced with no effect to salaries, along with a raft of exciting new incentives for our staff to enjoy. The slogan of the day ‘Work Small Live Big©’ was written on a banner towed by a plane that circled the building while Simon made his announcements. 

All staff were given a balloon on arrival at the WFAC Team show, and these were let off after the event. Jak Smaldon-Dronfield, a Junior Developer in the Development Team described the show as ‘Outstanding’ and more than he had anticipated! Elizabeth Hine, a Supervisor on the outbound Team added:

“All week the excitement around the business has been building, we have all been so excited to find out what the big announcement was!  After plenty of speculation I can honestly say it’s much more than I had anticipated.

“The show was outstanding! Everything was amazing and we all loved Simon’s entrance, especially with the plane circling overhead and the A Team van! I am now looking forward to the weeks ahead and adapting to the new positive changes around the business”

Simon Evans, Head of Communications at We Fight Any Claim commented on the day’s events: 

“To us our people are our biggest asset, and we recognise that in the 21st Century, a work life balance is important to our current employees, as well as potential new recruits. We have therefore instituted a far –reaching change in the way we work and in the way we value our hardworking staff and we are pleased to introduce a better way of working.

“Our motto, Work Small, Live Big©, will be our ethos from here on in, and we are excited to offer our staff a better balance between their working lives and their free time. We will continue to value our workforce and look forward to introducing more new ways of working in the coming months.”