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We Fight Any Claim's Work Small Live Big campaign

Today WFAC welcomed changes that have taken place as a result of the Work Small Live Big campaign.

Working hours have changed to 9am-5pm for all full time staff, with no reduction in salary. Until the change staff were working 40 hours per week, with the majority of staff working these hours 9am until 6pm Monday-Friday.

The Work Small Live Big campaign, that was launched in July this year, was created with the aim of focusing on a positive work life balance for staff and making We Fight Any Claim the best place to work within the local area. As a result of the campaign a variety of benefits became available to staff that are being introduced today, with others being introduced over the course of the coming months.

Amongst those benefits being introduced immediately is a bonus scheme which includes realistic performance based earnings that can double salaries within certain departments throughout the business.  Other staff benefits that will be introduced over the coming months include an incentive shop for all staff where points can be exchanged for a variety of vouchers. Here are some of the reactions from staff on the Work Small Live Big campaign and how the changes will affect them:

“I am really looking forward to the new working hours, and the coming Fridays off for certain staff. It will allow me to have extra time to visit the gym and even some extra rest time in bed!

“I will also look to work overtime occasionally when I need some extra cash, the new bonus scheme is definitely appealing to us all”

 -Josh Sandiford
  Pack Chase Agent

“When the hours change I am looking forward to having that extra hour to shop! It will give me the chance to pop into Cardiff after work or a quick visit to Cwmbran.  I think I will enjoy relaxing more after work too, and have a nice chill out with my family. “

-Melissa Davies
 Outbound Sales Advisor

“With the change in hours I will be getting home in time to go shopping, something I’m definitely looking forward to! I will also use the time to practice running for my 10K run that’s coming up in September.”

“The change of hours will definitely have a positive effect on my work life balance and I’m really looking forward to the change”

-Gemma Smart
 Junior Designer

“With the change in hours I have some extra time to socialise with mates! I will also more than likely spend the extra time catching up on some sports on TV or playing football.

“I am definitely pleased with the change in hours and the bonus scheme, it makes my working day much more exciting!”

-Martin Williams

“I am really looking forwards to the change in hours, with finishing at 5 I will get home earlier and be able to spend some extra time with my kids. With my eldest beginning her final year of GCSE’s in September it will be great to be around more to help her study. 

“I will also get more opportunity to take the kids out after work, and of course fit some extra shopping time into my evening!”

-Sadia Mohammed
 Quality Agent

“With the extra hour I will take up the opportunity to walk home during the light evenings, it will also give me chance to meet my mother for some shopping after work.

“I am absolutely ecstatic with the change in hours and the new bonus scheme, definitely looking forward to the coming few weeks with all the positive changes taking place”

-Danielle Perkins
Basis of Claim Agent